Veltischev Research and Clinical Institute for Pediatrics of the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
Our mission/goal
Our goal is to provide specialized high-tech medical care for children with chronic diseases, based on the latest data of scientific and clinical potential of the professional community of highly experienced experts in pediatric healthcare.
Acting director
Vladimir V. Dlin 
MD, Ph.D., Professor 
+7 (499) 488-30-00
Head of Research
Maria A. Shkolnikova
MD, Ph.D., Professor 
+7 (495) 484-02-92
Deputy Director for Clinical Affairs
Igor A. Kovalev
MD, Ph.D., Professor 
+7 (495) 483-84-09
  Deputy Director for General Affairs
Svetlana M. Moiseenko
+7 (495) 483-93-84
Deputy Director for Economic Affairs
Maria V. Kalashnikova
+7 (499) 487-20-19
Research Organization
Academic Secretary
Zinaida K. Zemlyanskaya 
MD, Ph.D.
+7 (495) 483-10-92
Tatiana V. Rodina
+7 (495) 483-10-92
Human Resources
HR Director
Victoria V. Yurieva
+7 (495) 483-82-08
Finance and Accounting
Head of Planning and Economy
Ekaterina S. Shilova 
+7 (499)487-20-19
Deputy Chief Accountant
Nadezhda I. Anenkova
+7 (499) 487-50-53
Medical Services
Head of Department
Evgeniy G. Agapov
MD, Ph.D., Pediatrician
+7 (495) 484-36-49
Quality Control
Head of Department
Natalia A. Bondarenko
MD, Ph.D., Pediatrician
+7 (484) 487-54-35
Office and Campus Management 
Chief Engineer
Aleksey V. Zaytsev
Deputy Chief Engineer
Boris P. Prozhivin
+7 (499) 487-72-01
IT Department
Head of IT
Anatoly S. Svechin
+7 (499) 488-00-90
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